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Elevated installation with support

Adjustable supports offer countless solutions to compensate for any surface, even major unevenness, creating a floor that is always flat and stable. Our pedestals allow easy and quick inspections and are a good solution for floors where rainwater collects. The floating floor design absorbs any stretch and structural movement. Designed to create a homogeneous floor covering without making radical changes to the existing structure. Moisture accumulations and water infiltration can be eliminated in this way.


Verlegung von Fliesenplatten ohne besondere Vorkenntnisse.

gleichmäßige Fugen.

Always flat and easily accessible.

Absorbs all stretch and structural movement.

First class resilience.

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Technical information

Composition of the material:

polypropylene and rubber. Recyclable material. Not dangerous.



Central compression load limit resistance: 19.52 KN

Limit resistance for eccentric pressure load: 11.35 KN


Positioning the product:

The product is simply placed on the laying surface without the need for any glue or attachment.

im Gespräch über Handys

Questions about the product?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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