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Fluorescent light caps

Fluo is the ideal and simple solution for staging paths, parking lots or your garden. Forget all the previous outdoor lighting problems and let Fluo light up your pathways. This high-quality plastic cap is filled with a fluorescent material, providing a beautiful glow (up to 12 hours) for any outdoor space. It can be used on gravel, grass and natural stone.


No cable chaos, no expensive installations!

Installation on almost all surfaces.

UV and frost resistant.

Very easy to lay.

Easily passable.



Technical information

Composition of the material:

Polypropylene, copolymer, 100% recyclable material. Not dangerous.

Product certification : ISO 14001 – ISO 9001 – CE


Diameter about 85mm

Screw dimensions Ø 7.5 mm x 212 mm

Weight 34.0g

Color green

Thickness ISO 844 : > 100 tons/m²

Flexibility: Guaranteed

Chemical resistance: Guaranteed (acids, alkalis...)

Cold Temperature Behavior: Freeze resistant, retains its flexibility

UV Stability: UV532 (2%)

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Questions about the product?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Tel. 03113 51685

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