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Sten Shoonmaken


Sten Shoonmaken

Create pure conditions

Sten Shoonmaken has set itself the goal of maintaining and preserving existing spaces. This resulted in the joy of developing cleaning products for this purpose, using them and constantly improving them.
Whether for home use or for professional cleaning jobs (Sten Experts Edition), Sten Shoonmaken has the right cleaning product. The range contains products for basic and special cleaning of all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Universal cleaner MUB101

The cleaner for all materials


Universal scent cleaner UDR40

The quick cleaner for shiny materials


Rust remover neutral RFE88

The rust remover for all natural and artificial stone coverings


Uniprotect impregnation USI202

The universal protection for many surfaces


MUB01 Multi-area cleaner

The power cleaning concentrate for all materials


ZKE09 Cement & lime remover

The cement and lime film remover


RFE88 Rust remover acidic

The acidic power rust remover


AME12 Algae Moss Active Remover

The power removal concentrate for many surfaces

MSI02 Multi-protection impregnation

The power protection concentrate for many surfaces

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