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About Wimhof

About Wimhof

We are Wimhof

Our company has set itself the goal of designing and marketing products for a beautiful home. We want to beautify the gardens and homes in Austria and the surrounding area with our trading partners. We are an owner-managed company. Our work is designed for the long-term satisfaction of our customers. This is the only way for us and our customers to have lasting success.



Philipp Freiberger, Siegfried Wimmer

What we stand for

Our customers are our top priority and our focus. For them we want to be the most attractive partner for sustainable products.  Wimhof supplies products and services to customers in the DACH region. Our customer portfolio ranges from major customers and medium-sized companies to end consumers. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are active in numerous value chains and value networks. In doing so, we pursue various business strategies, which we adapt to the respective needs of the sectors and markets. 

Our values

How we work is crucial to the successful implementation of our vision. This is what our four corporate values stand for: Creative, Open, Responsible, Entrepreneurial. They are binding for all employees. In combination with our code of conduct and our standards and guidelines, they set the framework for responsible action.


We develop excellent products and solutions for our customers. To do this, we encourage extraordinary ideas and give them room to grow. We are optimistic and inspire each other.


We value the diversity of people, opinions and experiences. Therefore, we encourage feedback based on honesty, respect and mutual trust. We learn from mistakes


We respect health and safety as the highest goods. We incorporate aspects of sustainability into every decision. We are committed to strict standards of corporate governance and environmental protection.


We put our customers at the center, personally and as a company. In doing so, we seize opportunities and think ahead. We take responsibility and stand up for the results.

Image by Tim Mossholder
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